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Workin' on the Weekend

Standing on the street corner over the weekend I watched as dedicated workers powered through their weekends to finish up some last minute details on the Griffin Buildings eastern facade. The one of the new additions to the building is a VIP balcony that will over look the amphitheater during outdoor shows. In addition, there is a private dining room that looks into the display kitchen where we will be creating some palate pleasing delights. Another balcony extends over the music hall from the same VIP access area.

I walked into the building, having the luxury of a gate key which I remembered to carry along. It’s much more quite on the weekends without all the beeping, hammering and low murmur of heavy machinery running in every different direction. The quite allows you to imagine what the activity might look like once all the paint has dried and the workers are now hanging out on weekends for dinner and a show instead of mortaring brick walls.

Standing in the center of the dining room, which doubles as a cabaret, I could already feel the energy that will be coursing through the space when it’s filled with adoring fans waiting for their chance to see a favorite artist come out on stage. Maybe they just came for Dan’s “Lost Spudnut”, which you don’t want to miss if you can talk him into cooking one up. If you eat one of those you are sure to be vibrating for the next hour or two and your sweet tooth will thank you.

In the music hall, with a majority of the stage walls up and the stage floor nearing completion, I stood at the lip of the performance floor and imagined all the people piled in and pressed close to get the best view of the show. Lights will be glowing on the stage and large screens positioned along the wall to make sure everyone gets a good view.

Eventually, I made it up to the VIP balcony to say hello to the mason working through his weekend. Schedules have been a little tighter with the weather and everyone wants to keep up the pace and staying ahead of the curve.

Looking out over the amphitheater, with the newly risen steel stage, I can already see the performers strutting from one end to the other. Large screens will be sit left and right of the performance space so that those standing all the way across the street will be able to get a close up view of every detail. The pavilions that line the east side of the green will fill with vendors and more than 1200 chairs will sit near the edge of the stage for a comfortable up close experience.

The year is coming to a close soon and the next nine months are sure to be a fire drill finishing construction details, performance schedules, staffing, training, and on it goes. There is never a dull moment working on this project, and when we are finished, we’ll make sure that will ring true for most nights in El Dorado.