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Peace and Purpose

This is my favorite time of year. Starting in mid-November the entire community begins to gather with family and friends, spending time reflecting on time they have had together and planning how they will celebrate the coming holiday season. These are the sweet moments in life. Finding time for reflection can be put on a low priority list when we are busy working on our day to day activities, but it always seems to find a place when we allow ourselves the opportunity to walk away from our daily grind.

I like to use this time to set down the computer and cell phone and pay attention to the surprises that can be found out in the world. All too often we use these devices as distractions, keeping ourselves busy and occupied. It’s like we all fear the moment when we have nothing to do, and our usefulness is called into question.

I sat on my porch during the Thanksgiving holidays watching the rain twinkle in the rays of the sun. Typically I would be worried about a slow down in our construction schedule, but in that moment I just wanted to allow the beautiful phenomenon to go on forever. Peace and purpose are found in silent reflection.

While in graduate school I learned the value of reflection, which we referred to as the gestation period for any project we worked on. Building this time into your work flow was a requirement in my schooling, and it took several years to realize that this was a practice that should be brought into life on a regular basis. The holidays are typically that time for me.

With the entertainment district in full construction mode, event planning underway for the upcoming calendar of events and the wave of new employees coming in the near future, a step back from the process and an appreciation of why we are all working towards the mission that we have chosen is invaluable. The impetus for this entire project was for the betterment of our community, to provide a sense of place and community pride that will enthrall the entire region in the possibility of investment in the City of El Dorado. As a community we are proving to all those around us that we have the ability to invest in ourselves and take on the challenge of not only improving our own image but also providing a cultural shift in what it truly means to be a progressive city preparing for a better future.

Lofty ideas ... sure. Unusual methods … you bet. If it was easy and made sense, then everyone would be doing it!

So, my charge to all of you is to allow this holiday season to be a moment of reflection or gestation, choose your preferred title. Enjoy your time away and enjoy the rest, for that energy will be much needed when the new year arrives and we rejoin our working compatriots with a renewed sense of purpose. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done and remember the efforts that failed, because that is where we find growth. Oh, and don’t forget the cranberry sauce for the turkey. The sweet stuff is what counts the most.