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Now hiring: Chef de Cuisine

Chef de Cuisine


Position Summary: 


The Chef de Cuisine will assist the Chef in the hiring of staff, planning menus, creating recipes and making sure that the staff comply with the standards of the company. 


Duties & Responsibilities:

• In total charge of the kitchen in the Chef's absense

• Assists in overseeing the preparation and cooking of food

• Assists in overseeing ancillary operations where somebody can get a bite to eat (concessions)

• Assists in making sure that the kitchen is an efficient and well-oiled machine

• Assists in managing the kitchen staff:

     • Makes sure food is prepared quickly

     • Assures that everything is delicious

     • Assists in maintaing administrative records accurately including employee communications

     • Assists in overseeing the ordering of food

     • Enforces food safety standards



 • Creativity: The Chef de Cuisine assists in creating new and innovative dishes that will bring in customers. Knowledge of ingredients and how to use them creatively is critical.

• Leadership Skills: The Chef de Cuisine assists in overseeing the entire kitchen, from the dishwasher to the cooks. He/she is a good leader that assigns tasks, hires the right people and motivates the staff in a high stress environment.

• Hand-Eye Coordination: The Chef de Cuisine will work with knives, and other equipment that may have elements of danger.  He/she must be well trained and have excellent techniques when cutting and preparing foods. Hand-eye coordination is required.

• Sense of Taste and Smell: Delicious food brings in customers.

• Time Management Skills:

     Kitchens get busy quickly, food can get ruined easily if you cannot manage your time.

     Great time management will help you avoid burned or spoiled food and angry customers.

• Business Acumen:

     Chef de Cuisine must understand the restaurant business.

     The Chef de Cuisine must assist in balancing expenses with profits and manage the kitchen staff.

     The Chef de Cuisine must minimize waste, and maintain the kitchen as a smooth running operation.



• Commensurate with experience.